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ACCEPT Transportation
Dalexis Valdez
Transportation Manager
4 Tech Circle
Natick, MA 01760

(508) 620-3875 ext. 410
Fax (508) 655-5008
Member Districts
• Ashland
• Dover
• Dover/Sherborn
• Framingham
• Franklin
• Holliston
• Hopkinton
• Medfield
• Medway
• Millis
• Natick
• Needham
• Sherborn
• South Middlesex Regional Technical
• Sudbury
• Wellesley
The Importance of Specialized Transportation
ACCEPT Education Collaborative has provided specialized transportation services for our member school districts for more than 40 years. Each school day, we deliver safe and reliable transportation services for over 560 students traveling to 92 different locations, all at a significant discount as compared to for-profit specialized transportation providers.

ACCEPT’s robust transportation program has evolved over the past four decades in response to district requests. Even with a fleet of 150 vans, 100 drivers, 40 monitors, and about 20 classroom teachers and assistants who drive students to internships and community activities, ACCEPT cannot fully meet the demand from member districts. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and improve the quality of the experience. Safety, our number one priority, has been enhanced in recent years with the adoption of new technologies including GPS systems, cell phones, and cameras. All ACCEPT drivers undergo a complete pre-employment screening, including fingerprinting, criminal background checks, and driving safety verification. Additionally, drivers and monitors are provided regular in-service education on disability awareness, how to handle difficult student behaviors and situations, and other relevant topics.

Transporting such a large number of students with disabilities requires a complex and finely tuned system:
• Each of the 560 students has an individual set of needs and an individual route.
• 560 students are transported, typically with 2-4 students per van, requiring coordination of a number of factors including routes, need for a monitor, begin/end time of the school day, avoiding an overly long ride, and a myriad of other small, but consequential, details.
• Routes change daily and communication is key. If a child’s transportation changes or a van is running late, a web of communication is required. With no room for error, two dispatchers keep track of the daily schedule for every student, van, driver, and monitor at all times.
• A wide range of situations can occur while on the road including medical emergencies, mechanical failures, detours, traffic jams, an absent parent/caregiver upon arrival, and more. Policies and procedures are constantly reviewed and updated to provide staff with direction on how to manage a variety of situations.
• Hiring and retaining van drivers and monitors is an ongoing challenge. Competition for hard-working, patient, compassionate staff is intense, especially since most of our staff work an unconventional schedule of an early morning route, a break mid-day, and an afternoon route. Perks such as personal use of the vans, paid training, CPR certification, a variety of bonus programs, and paid commercial licenses help us retain good drivers.
Transportation Employment
7-D Van Driver
7-D Van Drivers to transport students with disabilities in the Framingham area. This is a split shift part-time position. Applicants must be at least 21 years old, and hold a valid Massachusetts license for 3 years. A 7-D license is required; however, we will assist you in obtaining one. Applicants must pass a CORI, SORI and finger print check as well as drug screening. Salary is $14.00 per hour to start. Drivers are permitted to use the van for local personal use. A $200 Sign-on Bonus will be given to licensed 7-D drivers for being an employee in good standing after 6 months employment. A $100 Sign-on Bonus will be given to drivers who the Collaborative help obtain a 7-D license who are in good standing after 6 months employment.

Van Monitors
Van Monitors in the Metro West area to assist with transporting students with disabilities from their homes to the schools they attend. This is a split shift part-time position. The salary is $14.00 per hour to start and training will be provided. Monitors will receive a $200 Sign-on Bonus for being an employee in good standing after 6 months of employment. Applicants must be 21 years or older and pass a CORI, SORI, fingerprint and a drug screen check.
Transportation Information