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Contact Information
Susan Rees
Institute Director
(508) 653-6776 x113

Terry Higgins
Administrative Assistant
(508) 653-6776 x113
New Directors of Special Education Leadership Institute
The New Directors of Special Education Leadership Institute is an intensive 9-day program that addresses the changing roles, responsibilities and competencies of the special education director. This highly complex position requires that Special Education Directors work in collaboration with central office and building administrators to implement a responsive and compliant special education service delivery system that ensures positive outcomes for students in compliance with state and federal laws. Not only must the Director establish efficient operations and provide oversight around compliance to protect the rights of students and their families, the director must also ensure that special education services prepare students for a successful transition to college or careers, thus resulting in economically viable and healthy productive lives.
Through a communities of practice approach, consisting of interconnected professional development sessions, facilitated mentoring groups, 1:1 coaching, networking, outside projects, on-line ESE resources, a Capstone project, and a workshop binder filled with practical materials and important resources, new Special Education Directors will learn and / or strengthen management and leadership strategies designed to improve teaching and learning, ensure compliance and drive systemic change. Participants will be provided with a toolbox of practical knowledge, skills, and experiences for everyday use. Those who join the program will form collegial relationships resulting in a highly-valued network of professional support they can count on for years to come.