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Contact Information
Alina Kantor-NIr
Director of Student Services
(508)653-6776 x112
(508) 653-6776 x113

Jescah Apamo-Gannon
Home-Based Services Director
(508) 653-6776 x106
(774) 270-2725
Fax (508) 653-0878

Delexis Valdez
Transportation Manager
(508) 620-3875 ext. 410
Fax (508) 655-5008
Health Forms (Please fill out if needed)
Family Resources of Natick
ACCEPT administers Family Resources of Natick, an organization which provides comprehensive support to Natick families with young children through a combination of direct services and referrals. Family Resources of Natick works to promote family education, literacy, school readiness and engagement in the community. It maintains a safe and enriching space for families, with time to play and to meet other Natick families.