Program Information

Vicky Fanelli Assistant Director of Special Education (508 )653-6776 x112 Elementary Program Locations: Center for Learning and Growth 4 Tech Circle, Natick, MA 01760 (508) 653-6776

Elementary Program Hours: 8:30 - 2:30 (Monday through Friday)

Please send student referrals to: Samantha Graham

Why our families like ACCEPT:

  • The combination of a school environment with embedded therapies supported by an onsite team of professionals. The approach provides structure and consistency that allows students to stabilize, make progress, and gain skills and confidence that translate to home, community, and next steps.
  • Regular communication from ACCEPT staff and the sense of team established with parents and families to provide a program tailored to the unique needs, age, interests, and goals of each student.
  • The exceptional quality of the teaching staff, and low student to teacher ratios.
  • The sense of community and belonging at ACCEPT. Students make friends in a welcoming and supportive environment.
  • The close collaboration and partnership with sending districts as students transition to ACCEPT, acclimate and thrive in their classrooms, and when ready, return to their home schools.
Elementary School Programs

PreK-5 public day programs at ACCEPT Center for Learning and Growth and inclusion settings in member school districts.

Academic and Life Skills Programs The programs in the life skills strand blend academics, daily living, personal/social and occupational skill development with behavioral and social supports in a highly individualized program, tailored to the student’s unique profile, and based on the IEP. This makes every day an opportunity for students to develop self-confidence, self-control, and the life skills to pursue their passions. The program is a great fit for students who have complex language and learning difficulties, have issues with behavior or coping, and need moderate to significant modification to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in order to make effective progress.

Academic and Therapeutic Programs The programs in the therapeutic strand brings together clinical, therapeutic, and behavioral services with rigorous academics, and supports to strengthen life skills. We use an integrated team model that seamlessly blends individualized clinical services within the practices and routines of the school day to help students learn the skills they need in the places they will use them, with more practice opportunities. Each student participates in all classroom activities, and teachers and therapists can focus on skills that are immediately useful leading to better generalization of the skills. The academic curriculum is challenging and engaging, aligned with Massachusetts Curriculum frameworks.

  • Individualized, evidence-based program for each student
  • Academics, behavioral and therapeutic needs, life skills, and specialized services with behavioral and social supports based on the student’s IEP
  • Full range of disabilities served
  • Highly Qualified, Licensed Teachers and Therapists work collaboratively to build skills and generalize those across settings
  • Low student to teacher ratios provide 1:1 and small group instruction creating a sense of community among students
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Individual fitness programs and art and music
  • Extended School Year and Extended Evaluation options

Our goal is to build strengths and self-confidence, and to maximize each student’s potential. Consistently High Satisfaction Rates Among Parents and Students!