CONSULTATION AND EVALUATION Strength through collaboration is the guiding principle at the core of ACCEPT’s School Consultation & Evaluation Services Department. We offer a variety of evaluation services to meet the needs of diverse student populations in public schools. Our team of expert evaluators work collaboratively with districts to determine the type of evaluations needed and produce high-quality, recommendations-oriented reports to help guide teams in supporting the whole child.

Highly qualified and experienced educators are available to work with schools on a short- or long-term basis. Consultation may include strategies to embed evidence-based interventions for specialized student populations, assessment methods, implementing specialized curricula, and development of behavioral supports. The individual needs of students and their classrooms determine the focus of these services. LEARN MORE

Medicaid Reimbursement ACCEPT helps member and non-member districts’ towns reclaim more than $3 million annually in Medicaid reimbursements for school-based health and related medical services, by identifying eligible expenses, preparing and submitting claims, and maintaining documentation and recordkeeping. LEARN MORE

Special Education Transportation A fleet of more than 150 vans transport students from home to school for many member districts. Drivers and monitors are thoroughly screened and well trained, and all vehicles are equipped with GPS, 2-way radios, and cameras. LEARN MORE


Dr. Donna Flaherty, Ed.D Executive Director (508) 653-6776 x113

Dianna Mullen Director of Student Services 508-653-6776 x112

Anne Donovan Director of School Consultation and Evaluation Services (508) 653-6776 x117

Jaime Patriarca Interim Director of Finance (508) 653-6776 x108

Natalie DeNardo Director of Home-Based Services (774) 270-2725 Fax (508) 653-0878

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School Programs

At ACCEPT, we work with parents and districts to design individualized, evidence-based programs for each student addressing academics, behavioral and therapeutic needs, life skills, and specialized services based on the IEP. The goal is to build strengths and self-confidence, and to maximize potential for students in elementary, middle, and high school grades.

Our programs address autism spectrum disorders, emotional/behavioral needs, global impairments/medically involved disabilities, cognitive/intellectual disabilities, language disorders, ADHD/ADD, nonverbal learning disability.

ACCEPT programs are supported by a highly trained, specialized team of teachers and specialists, who are hired for their hearts and for their minds.


  • Elementary, Middle School and High School public day programs at ACCEPT Center for Learning and Growth and at inclusion settings at member school districts feature a blend of academics, daily living, and vocational skill development with behavioral and social supports.
  • Extended evaluation: For some, this service can address accelerated student needs that may arise from a variety of circumstances, including sudden/traumatic changes or mental health issues.
  • Center for Transition Programs, assessments, and extended evaluation ready students for employment, college, high school or special diploma, and/or independent living.
  • Extended Year Summer programs help students prevent substantial regression of specific skills that may occur during breaks. Determination of need is made on an individual basis.
  • ACCEPT extends district learning options for middle and high school students, with innovative Virtual High School (VHS) online courses on both core and enhanced learning subjects.
Professional Development

ACCEPT believes that what matters most in student achievement is excellent teaching and learning. Professional development offerings are designed to meet the instructional, management, and leadership challenges that educators face on a daily basis.

  • Workshops and courses are offered in-person, online, and in hybrid formats to teachers, nurses, paraprofessionals, and special education directors statewide.
  • ACCEPT also provides a Massachusetts Licensure Program for Special Education Administrators, and Professional Learning Communities that bring together district administrators with similar jobs.
  • Customized trainings address each district’s specific needs, and are delivered on-site. Both workshops and job-embedded coaching train educators to apply new skills in their districts.
  • Special Education Leadership Institute

Highly experienced special educators teach parents and caregivers skills and strategies to maximize the social, behavioral, and educational functioning of their child in the home and community. Assessments determine individualized objectives, strategies to manage challenging situations are provided, and the aim is to ensure generalization and maintenance of skills learned. LEARN MORE