School Programs Accept Education Collaborative

We work with parents and districts to design individualized, evidence-based programs for each student addressing academics, behavioral and therapeutic needs, life skills, and specialized services based on the IEP. The goal is to build strengths and self-confidence, and to maximize potential for students in elementary, middle, and high school grades. Our Extended School Year programs are designed to prevent substantial regression of skills and provide a bridge between academic years.

Center for Transition Accept Education Collaborative

Transition programs for students aged 18-22 at ACCEPT ready students for employment, college, high school or special diploma, independent living or adult services.

Our programs are fueled by measures and ongoing assessment protocols to initially design each students’ individual program, routinely monitor progress and adjust students’ programs so that they reach their full potential.


Professional Development Accept Education Collaborative

ACCEPT believes that what matters most in student achievement is excellent teaching and learning. Professional development offerings are designed to meet the instructional, management, and leadership challenges that educators face on a daily basis. Open to member and non-member school districts.


District Services Accept Education Collaborative

As an extension of the district we have intimate knowledge of their challenges and readily customize services to meet the specific need.

Our demonstrated ability to respond to the evolving environment and regulatory changes are true differentiators of ACCEPT services.

Our services include: consultation & evaluation, transportation, medicaid reimbursement, and home-based.